Antler. The crowning symbol of nature that has forever held tremendous appeal. Antlers are grown and shed annually from the heads of male deer, elk, moose, and caribou. It is the fastest growing bone in the world. The antler growth cycle begins each spring, when the growing bone is soft and encased in what is known as a ‘leathery velvet’. By summer’s end the velvet has dried to fully hardened antler and is stripped off by thrashing against trees and shrubs. The now hardened antler will serve its purpose to establish dominance throughout the breeding season. Once the breeding cycle is complete and winter grips the land, the majestic crown is no longer of use, it falls to the ground, now a treasure of the forest.  

Owning an antler buckle means you literally own a piece of nature. Just think of it, the buckle, like an ornament on your waist, was once  the crowning glory of a bull elk. 

Antler is a very dense, very hard bone.  Your antler buckle will last forever. The artwork on both the face of the buckle and the back of the buckle is sealed and protected with a deep poly resin coating.